How to reset your phone? We discuss hard and soft phone reset

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Using mobile apps, storing a lot of data, and the sheer age of your phone can cause your phone to stop working properly at some point or significantly reduce its performance. Smartphone owners also often decide to change their phone for a newer model of phone, and give the previous one to someone else or resell it. In such situations, a phone reset is an important option. In the following article, we discuss how to reset your phone and the difference between a soft reset and a hard reset.

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Phone reset is associated with the termination of the device and reloading the operating system or software. Depending on your needs or the occurring fault in the phone, you can perform two types of resets - hard and soft. Reset of the phone is worth performing for example, in a situation where the quality of use of the device has significantly deteriorated or if there was a need to delete data stored in the device. If you want to sell or give away your smartphone - a full reset will be necessary. By clearing the data from the phone, no one else will have access to the files and data stored on the device.

What is a soft reset?

A soft reset, which is also known as a soft reset, involves turning your smartphone or tablet off and back on. A soft reset resets your phone, without deleting any data or resetting it to factory settings. Soft reset is an action that you can do yourself, without having to take your phone to a service center. Soft reset of your phone is recommended in situation when:

  • the phone does not allow you to make or receive calls;
  • unexpected error occurs while using the phone;
  • applications installed on your phone do not work properly;
  • the operation of the smartphone is slowed, stutters;
  • The phone does not respond to touch, the screen does not work;
  • the device has problems with sound and hearing of the caller.

Smartphone soft reset - Android and iOS

How to perform a phone reset? Depending on the operating system your phone is equipped with, there are different ways to reset your phone.

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Phone reset - Android

First, hold down the power button for a few seconds and select either "Power off" or "Restart". In case of the first option, the phone will turn off and then you need to turn the phone on again. Selecting the "Restart" option, the device will reboot itself after a while.

For phones with a removable flip, the second option is to remove the battery (battery) and unplug the phone from the power source. After doing so, place the battery back in the device and turn the phone on using the power button.

Phone reset - iPhone

For older iPhone models, to perform a soft reset, press and hold the side button until you see the shutdown slider on the device screen. Then drag the slider, wait a few seconds for the device to turn off, and turn the phone back on.

Turning off an older model iPhone

Having a newer model iPhone, the soft reset of the phone looks different. The first way, on iPhone X and newer phones, is to press the power off button 5 times or hold it longer along with the volume button. This will bring up a shutdown slider on the screen, which you need to drag - this will turn the phone off. You can then restart your phone. You can also reset your phone from the settings. To do this, go into your phone's settings, then select "General" and choose the "Turn off" function. The phone will be switched off. Then turn the device on again.

Turning off newer iPhone models

If performing a soft reset on your phone doesn't solve the problem, you'll need to perform a hard reset on your phone, which is a factory reset, before returning your device to service.

What is a hard reset?

A hard reset is a phone hard reset. With a hard reset, your device will be restored to factory defaults - all files and data stored on it, such as photos, contacts, and installed applications, will be deleted. If you store important files on your device, you should make a backup copy before performing a hard reset. If restoring your phone to factory defaults makes it work properly, it means that the fault was software related. However, if the hard reset did not help and there are still problems with the operation of the phone, then you should return the device to the GSM service or consider buying a new device.

Hard reset is also used to erase data from a phone before selling it or giving it to another person. Performing a hard reset will make sure that all the data from the phone will be deleted and no unauthorized person will have access to them.

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